Our Story

Learn about the origins and inspiration behind the creation of Lolo Light Foundation

Our Founders

Jessica Alexander-Fields

“Creating beauty gives me purpose. The purpose to help others heal themselves and become empowered. Creating is the window to my soul.”

Jessica is no stranger to finding her inner light following years of childhood sexual abuse and other traumas. In creating sacred space where she’s able to help children heal through meditation, art, and nature, she has discovered her true life’s purpose.

Jennifer Haycox

“I am so blessed to be able to help these children heal. Together, we will help these children become whole. We will stand up against rape trafficking and be part of the movement to end abuse. We will rise up and save our children.”

When Jennifer first met Jessica and heard her passionate idea to create a charitable organization to help children of sexual abuse, she knew instantly that she wanted to be a part of it. With a background in biophilic design and human psychology, and a passion for wellness and spiritual connections, she understands the value of harmony. Leveraging her design experience, Jennifer creates a calming environment so children can heal. A talent for a holistic vision, coupled with organizational skills and patience with children, make Jennifer an asset to Lolo Light Foundation.

Lolo Light Board

Jennifer Haycox
Co-Founder & CEO

Jessica Alexander
Co-Founder & CVO

Chloe Van Vegten
Board Member, VP of Fundraising

Amy Baron Hatch
Board Member, Communications Director

David Barwick
Board Member, Strategic Alliance Director

Marisol Lozano
Board Member, Survivor Care Programs Director

Mary Nugent
Board Member, Fundraising

Melody Grennell
Board Member, Advocate Liason

If you are interested in joining our board or volunteering for Lolo Light Foundation, please email us at .

The origin of our name

In Malagasy, the language of Madagascar, <“lolo” means butterfly, moth, or soul. With iridescent wings creating a kaleidoscopic effect as they refract the light, they are considered by some to be the most beautiful insect on earth. Yet, in subdued light, their wings can appear far less remarkable. Without light, their true beauty cannot be recognized.

The founders of Lolo Light were inspired by the moth’s process of transformation from an overlooked lifeform to a radiant soul.  Big, beautiful, and bright.

“Lolo reminds us all to follow the light.”