The origins and inspiration behind Lolo Light Foundation

Our Values

RESPECT: We honor each child’s needs with dignity and respect.

COURAGE: We honor the courage it takes to stand in the truth, speak the truth, live the truth, hear the truth, and share the truth.

POWER: We believe in the limitless potential of people and choose to invest in them as the key to a brighter future for themselves and humanity.

INNOVATION: We are guided by spirit to innovate our approach in response to the needs of the people we work with and the community we are a part of.

EMBODIMENT: We strive to recognize and understand the perspectives, feelings and lived experiences of others, including and especially those most different than ourselves, and give one another grace. We practice Karuna Compassion for all.

COMMUNITY: We are weaving a web of deep love and support that elevates the collective consciousness of humanity. We collaborate and build relationships founded on integrity and trust.

HEART-LED LEADERSHIP: Divinely guided by spirit, we walk with transparency, humility, and courage to take inspired action.

AUTHENTICITY: We do what we say and say what we do for the future of Lolo Light Foundation.

HEART: We collectively co-create bridges of light leaving a legacy of love for revolutionary change. In challenging times, we seek love and joy in unexpected places and understand the essential role it plays in healing.

ENVIRONMENT: Fostering an environment for each person to find their own unique connection to spirit and discover their own deeply innate spiritual abilities by introducing healing modalities that release physical trauma trapped in the pain body.

LAND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: We remember the Indigenous Peoples on whose land Lolo Light Foundation stands. We acknowledge the People of the Lower Columbia — including the Watlala, Cathlascan, Skilloot and the many other bands of Chinookan speaking peoples who exercised stewardship over this beautiful and bountiful land along the Washougal and Columbia Rivers. We also honor their descendants, many of whom live in the present day communities of the Warm Springs, Grand Ronde, and Yakama Nations.

Our name

In Malagasy, the language of Madagascar, “lolo” means butterfly, moth, or soul. With iridescent wings creating a kaleidoscopic effect as they refract the light, they are considered by some to be the most beautiful insect on earth. Yet, in subdued light, their wings can appear far less remarkable. Without light, their true beauty cannot be recognized.

The founders of Lolo Light were inspired by the moth’s process of transformation from an overlooked lifeform to a radiant soul.  Big, beautiful, and bright.

“Lolo reminds us all to follow the light.”