Lolo Light Foundation provides a safe environment where youth survivors of sexual abuse and trafficking get back in touch with their inner child through play, creativity and nature immersion

Children who have been sexually abused often lose touch with the joy of life and need help finding their light again. Through creative activities, Lolo Light supports children in self-healing practices to gain freedom from the wounds of their past.

Just imagine these little warriors soaking their feet in the river, transforming their traumas through a spiritual wellness experience. Lolo Light is a movement that focuses on solutions that facilitates a brighter future for children who have endured so much.

There are many ways that you can help us to support these beautiful souls


Your generous donations support our workshops, education, and advocacy. We also love in-kind donations!


Check out the Lolo Light Shop for spiritual jewelry, crystals and beautiful goods from sponsors that support our programs.


Many opportunities are available to support our mission at whatever commitment level fits your schedule.


Follow us on social media or our events page and join us for our magical events and fundraisers.