What is Lolo Light Fest?

We, at Lolo Light Foundation, are weaving a web of deep love and support that elevates the collective consciousness of humanity. We invite you to weave this web with us. Get a taste of the beauty of our survivor programs. Your heart will thank you.

August 3rd, 2024 ~ 2-10 PM

Stand in the light with parents, changemakers, lightworkers, healers, and leaders for change. Experience the magic of Lolo Light at our beautiful forested location on the Washougal River.

Don’t miss the fun!

  • Tribal markers, face painting, and flower crowns
  • Sound healing with Mysti of Ageless Yogis
  • Community altar building
  • Grounding in the garden with breathwork
  • Creative arts therapy: music, art, fairy house building, and play
  • A delicious, healthy dinner
  • Sunset yoga
  • Fire dancing
  • Stay later for conversations around the campfire if you wish!

Check out last year’s Lolo Light Fest:

What is Lolo Light Foundation?

Lolo Light Foundation creates opportunities for survivors of human trafficking, rape and domestic violence to be a kid again and have fun through spirit -led holistic modalities, art, play and nature immersion. Joy is the key to unlocking deep healing of trauma to ultimately guide themselves to a better future.

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