Our first healing workshop!

by | Oct 24, 2022

We are thrilled to announce the commencement of our first wellness workshop for teen survivors of sexual abuse and trafficking. Our first session was truly a dream come true as participants began to gain our trust and expressed excitement to return for future sessions.

Starting with a small group of teens and mentors, we spent our first session getting to know each other through talk, meditation, and being in nature. Our founder, Jessica Alexander, shared the story of her childhood trauma and journey to heal. Jessica co-founded Lolo Light to help youth heal through the modalities that most benefitted her.

“Talk therapy is great,” Jessica said, “but there are additional practices that really helped me that aren’t offered to these kids.”

A variety of approaches heal trauma, create joy

Our programs offer a series of six two-hour workshops at a beautiful private riverfront location. The workshops draw upon several wellness modalities as well as creativity and the healing powers of nature.

For example, Trauma Release, Somatic Movement, and Vegas Nerve Reset are used to allow the body to be present and relaxed in order to release trauma that has been stored in the body. Creating a feeling of safety is key in every session.

Each workshop will build upon the last, teaching survivors to access their inner calm and strength. Participants are supported throughout by the tremendous love and dedication of our founders and mentors.

Our first workshop also included journaling, intention-setting, and sound therapy. As we progress through the six-week program, activities are intended to gradually and gently allow participants to feel love, joy, and power. Other activities include breathwork, dance, yoga, song, and affirmation.

We will work on a nature art project over several sessions to develop confidence and self-expression. By creating, we can work next to others and may feel more open to sharing our experiences, or we can go deeply inward, both of which are healing.

Feeling grateful and supported

Jessica joined co-founder Jennifer Haycox to plan and guide this series of workshops, and has invited guests to lead a few special activities. Jennifer and Jessica expressed immense gratitude to all that have helped along the way to raise funds, establish programs, and find students for this “magical” workshop.

“We couldn’t have done it without the generosity of those who donated and volunteered countless hours to realize our vision,” said Jennifer, “We feel so much love and gratitude for our community. I can’t wait to grow to provide programs that support healing many more souls throughout the world.”

Lolo Light Foundation provides a safe environment where youth victims of sexual abuse and trafficking can heal through art and nature. If you are interested in supporting our vision of a future where all children can live in safety, love, and dignity, please take action or contact us at .