Prayers for the Children

Let’s harness the power of collective prayer

At Lolo Light Foundation, we cannot look away from the suffering caused by heinous crimes committed against our most vulnerable on a massive scale. We desire to ease the enduring pain inflicted by this trauma on youth both experiencing and surviving sexual abuse and human trafficking.

Through the power of collective prayer, we call upon God and humanity to release all children from captivity. We pray to the angels to support these children and those in recovery with their healing love and divine light. We connect ourselves with the children through the higher realms, surrounding each child in the comfort of our own love. We pray for heightened consciousness throughout the world so that all children may live in safety, love, and dignity.

Let’s create powerful prayers and intentions that manifest a more compassionate world. Light a candle and meet us live on Zoom.

This is a heart-centered gathering for families. We truly welcome people of all faiths or spiritual persuasions to unify with us in this focused effort to raise our consciousness together. We would love for you to include your children, as their prayers are especially powerful! There will be no reference to scary or graphic subject matter. We are planning some fun activities and incentives just for kids at future monthly gatherings.

Join us Monthly ~ Dates TBD

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