Lolo Lightworker Ritual Kit


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For gift orders, please order by Dec. 1 in order to receive by Dec. 20.

Imagine all Lolo Lightworkers joining hands and shining their light towards all the children who are waiting for us to find them. This kit includes tools for us to use to join in creating a beacon to light the way out for those living in the dark. Creating ceremony doesn’t have to be elaborate, and it doesn’t require extensive planning. It can be as simple as lighting a candle. Use this special ritual kit to create your own ceremony anytime you like.

The Lolo Lightworker Ritual Kit is loaded with beauty and magic that naturally moves you into a spiritual space. They have been made with loving intention and ceremonially blessed for increased spiritual activation.

We carefully select all of our products to ensure they are ethically crafted from environmentally friendly, fair trade, and sweatshop-free sources. Many have been purchased through Shamans Market, a provider of artisan-made, organic products that support indigenous people to generate income while maintaining their ancient wisdom and culture.

These beautiful ritual kits make wonderful holiday gifts, enhance your own spiritual or meditation practice, and are an excellent companion to our Prayers for the Children.

By purchasing this kit, you support these people as well as our mission to support youth survivors of sexual abuse and trafficking.

What’s in the kit:

Signature Lolo Light Candle
Our signature soy candles were lovingly hand-poured by Lolo Light founder and creatrix, Jessica Alexander. Jessica weaves in intentions of self and universal love and compassion, calling in Mother Mary as a guide. Candles are infused with myhr, clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon bark essential oils and layered with dried rose and lavender petals.

White Sage and Rose Smudge Bundle
White sage cleanses and clears while the rose fills the room with blessings of love, happiness, and new beginnings. Each stick is hand-wrapped and infused with love and sacred intention.  Our smudge bundles are artisan made from white sage grown in Southern California.

Palo Santo Stick
Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) has a pleasing citrus aroma with underlying notes of frankincense. It has been described as warm, delicately sweet, and rosy-woodsy. These palo santo sticks are sustainably wild-harvested from naturally fallen trees and fallen branches that lay dead for 4-10 years, so new growth is left untouched. 

Quartz Crystal
Quartz is known as a powerful healing stone that amplifies any energy or intention. The integrity of the natural shape of these quartz crystals has been maintained with no grinding, touching up or polishing. Use quartz to cleanse, open, and activate all of your chakras. 

Black Crow Feather
We’ve enclosed a shiny black crow feather to provide you with protection and repel negative energy. Black crow feathers also support spiritual initiation, growth, and spiritual wisdom. 

Ceremonial Medicine Bundle
Sprinkle these dried herbs anywhere you create your ceremony and set your intentions or put them on your altar. Includes dried rose petals and organic herbs grown and dried by the amazing Alice in HerbLand.

Lolo Light Foundation Sticker
Join the healing revolution!