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When you shop our product catalogue you will be supporting our mission of survivor care and advocacy for child victims of human trafficking and sexual abuse. All of the items in our Lolo Shop are generously created and sold by our product partners.

Lolo Tribe Moonstone Necklace & Earrings

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Amber Noir Candle

Featured partner: Winkels Twinkles

Limited Edition Lolo Light Candle

Located and hand poured with love in Vancouver, WA, Heather’s soy candles are all natural with a minimalist touch. This candle scent was designed specifically for Lolo Light Foundation to manifest the feeling of love and comfort in your space.

100% of net sales will be donated to Lolo Light Foundation.

Devi Luxury Spa Ritual Bath Soak Set

Featured partner: Devi Wellness Spa

Devi invites you to experience Shanti Hum (I am Peace). Immerse yourself in an indulgent bath ritual experience with organic, nourishing minerals and healing essential oils. Relax the body and mind as you create a tranquil self-care sanctuary to rejuvenate your skin naturally. Invigorate the spirit while therapeutic salts revitalize your skin and reduce stress.

100% of net sales will be donated to Lolo Light Foundation.

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