Become a Lolo Light Sponsor!

Support Lolo Light Foundation’s programs through corporate sponsorship. Donate annually at a rate that fits your budget. See the benefits of sponsorship below. Feel the peace of mind that you are helping to make a difference in the lives of victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking. If sponsorship isn’t something you can support, please follow our website for fundraising events and drives. Or, support our current business sponsors so that they can better support us.

Name, logo, and link on our website
Recognition on sponsorship banners at our events
Input on where your donation is spent
2 ticket(s) to our annual Healing by the River fundraiser event
Verbal recognition at all of our events
Healing resources website just for sponsors
VIP seating and gift bag at all of our special events
Feature story in our blog and newsletter
Sex trade industry awareness training
Soul Star
Third Eye
Solar Plexus