Spreading Our Light in 2023: An Annual Report

by | Feb 14, 2024

We at Lolo Light Foundation are a heart-led community of lightworkers that are offering the medicine of the heart chakra and want to unfurl our hearts and share all of the exciting things that we as an organization were able to accomplish in 2023.

We had a retreat and created a strong team of individuals. We formed solid bonds through work, play, yoga, sound healing and ceremony. We appointed officers that follow the rules and regulations of a non-profit organization. We chose to call ourselves the Council of Light as we are lightworkers that are sharing the vision of Lolo Light through the light we shine in the world.

We purchased accounting software and hired a tax accountant to assist our Treasurer so that this job flowed seamlessly.

In 2023, we had some very generous donors for whom we are extremely grateful to for their faith in our mission. A big one we would like to highlight is James and Amanda Malarkey for their generous donation of $11,100. If we have funds beyond the needs of 2024, we will invest them until we are offering more programs. We launched a bonfire tee-shirt campaign where anyone can now join the Lolo Rainbow Tribe by supporting and sporting our beautiful rainbow Lolo Light gear.

This year we had an entire website overhaul and all new branding that will flow out into all of our marketing materials. We are in deep gratitude for the hard work that goes on behind the scenes and for the incredible donation by our website designer/developer that has been with us since conception. This endeavor does not go unnoticed.

We had an incredible sponsorship so we were able to hire a professional videographer, Raul Alaris, for Lolo Light Fest. Raul was able to capture the culture of who we are and why we are so passionate about what we do. The beautiful videos can be found throughout our website and on our YouTube channel. Through the videos, you can learn more about why we started Lolo Light, the stories behind our team, and our culture of love and ceremony. We are in deep gratitude to Infinity Roofing providing a $5,000 sponsorship for the videos.

This year we had an incredible Lolo Light Fest where we had two days of ceremony and celebration. Our Council of Light donated their time and provided offerings for the donors to partake in. We had a beautiful opening ceremony where we were able to release prayers into the river and create flower crowns. Yoga was led by Amanda for the children as well as the adults. We had Hannah Moats from Shared Hope International (a non-profit organization) speak and educate our guests on what to look for and how to help when it comes to human trafficking.. We also had a ton of fun with a fire dance to end the night and tubing the river the next day where our inner child was allowed to come out to play!

The Council of Light had monthly meetings and the leadership committee met weekly.

The Council co-created ritual kits to sell as Christmas gifts that included hand-poured candles and handmade altar cards and representing a small offering of what we do and use in our ceremonies so that anyone can set an altar at home and pray for the children.

As the year ended, we took a much-needed break during the holidays to be with our families and love and nurture ourselves so that we could come back in the new year with renewed inspiration and joy for 2024!

Last but not least, our biggest takeaway this year is that we are a community of lightworkers that have been put on this planet for a reason and that is to be the light we want to see in the world. We have been growing our tribe since we started this offering and have an amazing group of humans that want to make a difference in the world and in our communities. We are committed to continuing to grow our community of compassionate, sovereign human beings to extend our reach and make connections with people who need our programs.

As we look to the future, you may see some new things from us. We are getting a clearer vision and deepening our relationships within our Council to be even stronger and support more of the community. Our leadership team will continue to create systems and programs. In the future, we will be looking for Lolo Lightworkers as volunteers, so if you or someone you know is interested in learning more about what this means please contact us at .

Thank you for your commitment to this foundation and to the children!

In deep gratitude,

The Council of Light
Lolo Light Foundation


Lolo Light Foundation provides a safe environment where youth victims of sexual abuse and trafficking can heal through art and nature. If you are interested in supporting our vision of a future where all children can live in safety, love, and dignity, please take action or contact us at .