Survivor Workshops

Holistic Camps and Workshops

for Youth Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Trafficking

Lolo Light offers a safe space for youth to heal trauma through art and nature, as well as somatic and mindfulness practices like meditation and yoga. We guide youth survivors in learning tools they can take home with them to calm their nervous system and to value themselves–all while gently immersed in nature, love and support at our beautiful riverfront location. Our mission is to give them the opportunity to be a kid again and have fun outdoors. After experiencing something that takes innocence away, relearning joy is key to unlocking and healing deep wounds that may have been left afterwards. These youth return with self care and daily practices to support continued healing of the body, mind, and spirit.

Through the generous support of donors and volunteers, Lolo Light’s programs are free to our participants

We carefully select our mentors and teachers, some of whom have experienced their own trauma, to provide the most compassionate support possible. To protect our participants’ safety, all adults working with our participants must successfully complete our careful screening process and pass appropriate background checks.

“Creative expression and holistic modalities, in addition to traditional therapy, has undoubtedly calmed and reset my nervous system, allowing me to have lasting results where I am no longer living in fight or flight on a daily basis. As most of us know now, healing happens in non-linear layers. When another layer comes to the surface ready to be addressed, I use these tools to gently transmute the pain—leaving me feeling balanced and able face the world.”

~ Jessica Alexander, Lolo Light Founder and Sexual Abuse Survivor

How you can help

Refer Participants

We are currently looking for children and teens in the Washougal/Camas/Vancouver area who have been seeking solutions for their healing journey.

Teachers and Mentors

Do you offer movement or mindfulness programs and would like to share your services with our youth? We would love to talk with you!

Financial Support

Donate to support our youth programs. Lolo Light Foundation is run by volunteers, but we still need money to run our programs. Our goals are to be able to buy supplies for the kid to take home like hiking gear and art supplies.

The future of Lolo Light

At Lolo Light Foundation, we want to support the greatest needs of youth survivors of sexual abuse and trafficking. We are seeking relationships with organizations that can refer youth to our programs and those that provide other services to these youth as well as adults. Through these relationships, we will explore other services to provide in the future. 

We strive to be advocates and educators in this field so that we can contribute to global change.