What We Do

Lolo Light Foundation provides survivor care, education, and advocacy for child victims of human trafficking and sexual abuse

Toward that vision, we work in the following ways to make a difference.

Camps and Workshops

Lolo Light Foundation designs and leads spiritual wellness workshops for youth survivors of sexual abuse and human trafficking. Camps and workshops are customized to meet the unique needs of each child and are funded through partnerships, sponsorships, and donations.

Our workshops provide a safe environment for healing through artistic and creative mediums, meditation, yoga, dance, nature, and spiritual wellness. We incorporate somatic movement and other body-centric modalities to promote the release of trauma energy trapped within the body. Youth are referred to us by local clinics, partnering non-profits, and law enforcement.


The statistics are heartbreaking. Millions of children and adults have survived sexual abuse and human trafficking, yet we hear very little about it in the news. Human trafficking is a huge and powerful business, and child sexual abuse is extremely common. We will strive to educate people on this horrific treatment of human beings in order to inspire more action.


Victims of these horrible traumas are challenged to advocate for themselves. Many of them are very young and some are taken from their parents. Traffickers are wealthy and powerful. We will advocate for those who are unable to speak for themselves, and we will strive to empower them to be courageous.