Who We Are

We’re survivors, mothers, and friends

We call ourselves the Council of Light. We are passionate about helping survivors of sexual abuse and trafficking and on our own personal and spiritual growth

Lolo Light Founder, Jessica Alexander

Jessica is no stranger to finding her inner light following years of childhood sexual abuse and trauma. Her passion and talent as a ceremonial artist led her to create sacred space to help others heal through the practices that have supported her the most–meditation, sound healing, worship, movement, art, time in nature, among other healing modalities.

Known for her talents as a gifted oracle and enchanting jewelry artist, Jessica is a loving friend and mother with a fierce passion for protecting children. In 2020, Jessica raised $10,000 for Operation Underground Railroad through jewelry sales, beginning her journey to support these vulnerable children.

When Jessica and her family moved out of the city to a home on the Washougal river, she knew she had found the ideal place start a healing program for child survivors of sexual abuse and trafficking, and Lolo Light Foundation was born.

“Creating beauty gives me purpose. The purpose to help others heal themselves and become empowered. Creating is the window to my soul.”

Kami Tollini

Amy Baron Hatch

Melissa Garcia

Mary Nugent

Amanda Malarkey

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